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PbxHub is a hosted voice over IP solution that allows businesses to use the functionality of a traditional private branch exchange without the headaches caused by onsite servers and Maintenance. PbxHub offers a cloud-based solution that is reliable, scalable, and easy to use.

Our goal is to keep things simple for the people that are tired of dealing with all of the industry buzz words. No one should have to be an IT expert just to make sense of a products website. 


Do you have a business’s that needs a centralized system for handling phone calls? Do you have multiple locations and need to manage them all from one simple interface? Whether you have a small business that only averages a few calls a day or a call center that needs to be able to handle thousands of calls a day, this is the solution for you. 


Our product was originally built as an in-house solution to break away from the industry norm. API integration allows our customers access to the information and features they need from anywhere and any platform they want to integrate from.


IVR/Auto Attendant

Let our Automated Attendant take your calls and route them to the appropriate destinations.

Call Recording

Our Call Recording feature allows you to record all calls or just calls for the users you choose. It's flexible and easy to set up. Choose how long you want to keep the recordings in the cloud or download them to your own storage.

WEb Portal

Our web portal provides a convenient interface for managing all aspects of your system, or you can use our API to integrate with your existing systems.


Are you a VoIP solutions provider looking to expand your product line? We will soon be offering a reseller program that can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more.



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